Ponds and Footpaths

We can construct and restore ponds and lakes. With our knowledge of plants and trees we can landscape the surrounding area to leave a pleasing visual and environmental outlook as well as constructing bridges and pontoons for the larger ponds and lakes. This type of work needs vision as every job and customer is different. Far too many times we see a standard kidney shaped or round pond, our vision means a customer can get a very bespoke finished job and given the reins to use all our landscaping and planting skills we can provide a fantastic finished article.

A footpath may be needed for many reasons, may be around a garden, around a lake or pond, through a woodland, for disabled access, around war memorials or raised footpath over a boggy area. We can design and erect footpaths and structures where none already exist or need restoring.

Please see our ‘Bespoke Projects’ page in the Fencing section for more details on bespoke projects undertaken.


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